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Services for Corporate Clients

EPK – Electronic Press Kits

Let our television news team prepare your message as a breaking story in video for release to the traditional broadcast media or as a web-based video.

Annual Report

For your live presentation to stockholders or for web presence, a dynamic video presentation showing highlights of your organization’s activities in the last four quarters plus the road to the future.

CEO or Company President’s message

Company executives participate in any conference or gathering.  A well-crafted video message filmed at your HQ or literally anywhere you are, sent to the venue of your choice and a waiting audience.

Sponsored Documentary or ‘Think Piece’

A thought-provoking documentary or discussion program, produced to address issues vital to your company’s interests, can reach an audience not easily persuaded by conventional advertising.

Live TV to the Web

Bring together members of your organization for a live ‘webinar’.  Number of attendees, time zones and even international borders need not slow down the productive exchange of ideas.

Media Coaching

Members of your company who are scheduled to appear in television broadcasts, interviews with the press or high profile events can benefit from our Media Coaching.  Why not make the most favorable impression possible, both personally and for the company?  We can simulate the pressure of a TV appearance, offering tips on dress and demeanor and anticipating the hardball questions that may be coming!

Education for your Customer Base

How-to videos can promote good will and improve brand recognition.

Training and Education for Employees

Training videos only work if people watch them and pay attention.  Real life interviews with actual employees, leadership role-playing, even interactive techniques, can enhance a successful employee training program.


We welcome cooperation with your key personnel and departments to create the best possible media package for your company.